After Action Report – Muwufa, Banipal

We play a game of LaserGrenadiers in which we pull out the “convention box” and use those forces in a scenario from Wargames Illustrated #365 titled “Best Laid Plans” by Mike Bradford. The scenario involves two forces moving into a town to capture supplies. As the game progresses, one of the adversaries will receive reinforcements, but neither side knows which will receive them. For the full story, please read the attached file.

AAR 03 – Muwufa

After Action Report: LaserGrenadiers at CMON Expo

Miniature Building Authority hosted a LaserGrenadiers game at CMON Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, on Saturday afternoon and provided a spectacular layout for a sci-fi shootout on a backwater planet. The attached file reports on the scenario, opposing forces and the course of the battle in the city of Banipal.

LaserGrenadiers at CMON Expo


Below is a file with examples of data sheets created for a vehicle used in LaserGrenadiers.
Antlion data page

Below is a record sheet used to track damage and losses during battles in LaserGrenadiers. The second file shows an earlier version of the record sheet that has been used to track forces during a battle.
LaserGrenadiers Logsheet
Completed Logsheet


These files present the weapon tables for infantry, crew-served weapons, vehicles and strongpoints. Please open the attached files.

Table 5. Projectile Weapons – Infantry
Table 6a. Projectile Weapons – Warhead
Table 6b. Warhead Weapons – Mines
Table 7. Projectile Weapons – Vehicle
Table 8. Rotary Projectile Weapons