1. On Completion

With the completion of this version of LaserGrenadiers I have developed the perfect science fiction miniatures wargame — for me. I realized a number of years ago that I really love this game. It has everything I am looking for: heavy armored vehicles churning across the landscape, jetpack-equipped infantry speeding forward by leaps and bounds, grav and hover vehicles, battledrone assault walkers and their smaller kin the wardrones, aliens, and so much more.

I have no reason to believe that LaserGrenadiers is anyone else’s perfect science fiction miniatures wargame. Reading the daily flow of postings, comments and opinions on-line it is very clear that every wargamer has his/her own likes and dislikes. Some wargamers cannot stomach the use of any dice other than six-sided. Other wargamers will only play games in which the capabilities of every one of their men and vehicles is explicitly spelled out for them in advance. I have no problem with that, but these are not those rules. It seems now that every week brings a new set of rules from a manufacturer, blogger or future-wargame-empire hopeful. If you hold on, maybe someone will produce the rules you are waiting for. Back in the 1980’s there were few choices so I set out to develop my own rules.

If a company producing rules also sells figures, it will probably provide statistics for them, but a lot of miniatures companies still produce figures with no explanatory information. It is up to the purchaser to determine the troops’ weaponry, armor, movement, morale, etc. Some rules manufacturers will provide data for lines of miniatures that they like. I may provide such guidance in the future, but if you disagree with my choices for weapons and armor you can adjust them to suit your preferences.

There is still more to do. I have to complete the comprehensive index and I want to post a lot more pictures. But basically I have completed the huge project I set for myself so long ago.