2. Introduction

Land Warfare in the Far Future

LaserGrenadiers is a rules system for 25mm to 30mm science fiction wargaming that captures all of the excitement of futuristic armored warfare, the tension of command, and the drama of science fiction adventure. This is a game with its roots deep in traditional wargaming systems, yet it also offers unique and original systems to capture the spirit of war in the far future.

LaserGrenadiers has not been developed from a role-playing system that focuses on the individual actions of a few character pieces. Instead the emphasis is on commanding and controlling a combined arms force of futuristic infantry, armored vehicles, artillery and aircraft. All of the troops are equal. There are no super-human soldiers or super heroes with incredible combat abilities or stamina. Any soldier is knocked out of action by one hit that penetrates his armor.

To win a battle in LaserGrenadiers, a player must outmaneuver and outfight the opposing player. Once a battle develops, every move puts troops at risk. As the players maneuver their forces to dominate the field they must always balance the risks with possible gains. The players are challenged to deploy and move their forces as skillfully as possible in order to maximize enemy losses while minimizing the losses of their own forces.

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