0. Welcome to LaserGrenadiers!

LaserGrenadiers extends modern combined arms combat into the future, allowing players to field powered armor infantry, tanks, crewed weapons, tanks, wardrones, helicopters, battledrones or “mechs,” artillery and ground attack aircraft. Vehicle propulsion systems may be wheeled, tracked, grav, hover, rocket or walker. The rules include all types of science fiction weaponry (lasers, cone rifles, phasers, ion cannon, etc.), but do not include psionic warfare. Fire combat dominates the game, with melee combat occurring infrequently. The rules were intended for use with any science fiction figures the players may have, and have been used for battles ranging from a few figures on each side up to the final battles of major campaigns with up to a hundred figures and twenty armored vehicles per side.

LaserGrenadiers originated in the late 1970’s, but developed slowly until the range of available miniatures began to increase in the mid-1980’s. The original rules existed only in hand-typed copies until the personal computer revolution made word processing capabilities widely available.

LaserGrenadiers was formally published in 1990 and released at the Origins game convention, which was held in Atlanta that year. This first edition was produced on an Apple computer using Geos software and Dazzle Draw graphics (with all of the diagonal lines coming out as zig-zags). After a couple of years, revisions and additions began to enter the rules and LaserGrenadiers remained in a state of ongoing development until recently.

This website began as a blog. I started placing the rules on the blog in late 2014, one chapter at a time, starting at the beginning of the rules and working my way through all of the rules to the tables. When I was done, I added the table of contents and the index. Then I added some galleries to finally show some of the models being used in my games.

So, when a visitor came to the blog he/she was approaching the LaserGrenadiers rules from the end and needed to go back to the earliest entries to review the rules in their correct order. Now all of the files for the rules and tables have been transferred to the LaserGrenadiers RULES tab at the top of the website.

I hope you find the rules intriguing and see the possibilities in them. Thanks for stopping in!