Recent Changes

Featured change 4 Added anti-matter warheads and helldriver rifles.
The creation of anti-matter warheads and the weapons to fire them is an attempt to explore the fringes of science fiction weaponry. This is an experimental rule. These weapons should be very rare.
Featured change 3 Revised the rules for self-correcting, tracker, and seeker warheads.

Revisions were made to create clearer distinctions between the functions and capabilities of the warheads.

    Self-correcting warheads can adjust their final approach to strike closer to the target point.

    Tracker warheads are "fire and forget" warheads that can loiter over the field until they detect a target.

    Seeker warheads find and attack their own targets. This is a very experimental rule in that the warhead will hit a detected target, but which target is detected is randomly determined.

Featured change 2


Added descriptions of new weapons to Rule 6, Weapon Technology, and to the related weapon tables. New weapons include pulse weapons, blazer weapons, gauss weapons, hypervelocity weapons, mini-rockets and others.
Since the science fiction miniatures market remains creative and expansive it is often difficult to classify the weapons that appear on new figure lines consistently with the weapons on figures that are already in one's collection.

For example, mini-rockets were added to cover the small rocket pods that appear on 1/120 vehicles when they used as wardrones in LaserGrenadiers.

In addition, it is enjoyable to add new weapons to fill "gaps" left in the ranks of existing types, and to expand the families of related weapons.

For example, pulse weapons were added to create a more powerful class of maser weapons, and blazer weapons were added to create a more powerful class of flamers.

Featured change 1


Added Nova systems to Rule 24, Close Defense Systems.
Nova systems react to laser painting by emitting a powerful light that confuses the tracking system of a laser-guided warhead and sends it off course. This is a technology that had not been captured in LaserGrenadiers. Unlike systems that  fire projectiles, Nova systems cannot be used as offensive weapons against enemy troops.
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